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Rockwood Middle School

Chris Metcalfe » Christopher Lee Metcalfe- Director of Bands

Christopher Lee Metcalfe- Director of Bands

The Rockwood Middle school hosts a thriving middle school band program, that serves roughly sixty to eighty students per year. Many of our students go on to earn high honors at local band clinics in the area, often being ranked in the top ensembles. As a student progresses through band, he or she may also opt to become part of the high school band in the eighth grade. The Rockwood High School band is one of the strongest and largest bands in Tennessee for schools of its size (Tennessee Division 1A). The high school band has earned many honors throughout its tenure which include many top ten finishes in the state of Tennessee, culminating in a state championship in 2011 through USSBA.  The Rockwood High School band has also earned honors in the concert arena as well.  Many of our students have gone on to become professional musicians, composers, educators, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and productive members of society.


 The study of music could be one of the most valuable steps in your child's education.  Why should your child join the band?  Music offers many ways in which to grow:

  • Musical knowledge is a form of math that can help train your thinking and improve other studies.
  • The experience of competition will help prepare a child for making his or her way in a dog-eat-dog world.
  • The ability to create music fosters personal satisfaction and self-esteem, building confidence and poise.
  • Music provides each and every child the opportunity to fully participate.  There is not a bench in the band room.  Everybody plays!
  • Band serves as an anti-delinquency measure, as practicing will fill up a child's free time.
  • Music helps a child overcome shyness and develop a well-rounded personality.
  • Band students learn cooperation skills and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Having a child that can play a music instrument is something that parents can brag about.
  • Band contributes to family cohesion: it is an activity where children and parents work together.


Some parents doubt that their child is talented enough to study music.  In fact, it is my experience that any child willing to put in a reasonable amount of effort and regular practice cans succeed.  Neither talent nor interest is essential now for achievement later.  Another concern that some parents have is that they may not be able to afford an instrument for their child.  The band program owns several instruments that students may be able to use at no cost other than maintenance.  Supplies are limited and the instruments may not be the prettiest, but they work!  Although band is not a required course, it is a subject in which your child will receive a grade.  All students are required to stay in band for a school year unless an emergency arises (due to scheduling difficulties).

Please click on the following link to see the active band page.  Last year, the middle school page stopped working.  Here is the direct link to the high school page, which serves both the high school band, and the middle school bands.