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A Note From Ms. Sams-

On this page you will find lots of information to assist you with making your middle school student's experience a good one. The RMS guidance and counseling program is an integral part of each student's educational experience.

It is the vision of this program to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of all RMS students by building a foundation for student learning, academic and social success in a clean, safe, and secure environment. The vision of Roane County Schools is also to provide a similar environment with parent involvement and high standards for all where students achieve excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts and care about the welfare of others. Rockwood Middle School, as well as Roane County Schools, strives to have all students complete high school and continue their education throughout their lives.

Guidance counseling is a process that helps individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentials and eventually achieve their optimal level of personal happiness and responsible citizenry. Hopefully, all students at RMS will engage in experiences that will serve both their own interests and those of society. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National model provides the framework for guidance and counseling services at RMS. This framework is infused with concepts that promote and enhance student success through academic achievement, leadership, collaboration, resiliency, systemic change, character development, and community service.

Rockwood Middle School's guidance and counseling program is designed to serve all students. Strategies and methods to reach all students will include but not be limited to group/individual guidance, prevention, teacher consultation, counseling, advisement, parent collaboration, and referral. Program decision-making and monitoring of student success is basically data driven and constrained within our school's financial budget. The program components include the following services:

Counseling Services - Individual/group, preventive or Remedial, Crisis Intervention, Referrals from students/self, parents, teachers, others;

Group/Individual Career Exploration and Readiness-Academic planning, Career awareness, Decision-Making, Personal/Social skills development;

Consultation Services - Students, teachers, parents, administrators, community agencies/members;

Coordination of Services - Registration of New Students, Student Records (Cumulative, transfer, etc), Resource Referrals, 504 Plans, Conferences, Academic Planning, Orientation Programs, TNReady Testing, TNReady Writing Assessment, Data and Test Results, Transition from elementary to high school).

Frequently Asked Questions-

1)  My family and I will soon be moving into the area. What do I need to register my child and help make a smooth transition into Rockwood Middle School?

-The records you will need for registration will be a TN Immunization Record (go to county health department to get out of state immunizations transferred to a TN Immunization Record), grades from your previous school (you must have grades if transferring after the beginning of the school year or you will not be allowed to register), legal documents showing guardianship, social security number, proof of residence for RMS.
-Call and set up a tour of the school with your child and take advantage of any orientation programs that are available.

-Please alert the school counselor to any problems that may have impeded your child's progress in the past or other concerns that you may have regarding the transition process to RMS.

2)  How can I communicate with teachers and/or the counselor to check on my child's progress or behavior?

-Parents/Guardians are encouraged to communicate with teachers about their child's progress and behavior.

-Attending back-to-school and orientation programs can provide valuable information.

-To arrange a meeting with your child's teachers, call the guidance counselor (354-0931) and set up a conference that will help you to monitor their progress.

-Many teachers will email or call if you provide an email address or phone number.

-Students are also given a Daily Agenda Book for writing down daily assignments and important dates. If you write a message in the Agenda Book, please request that it be signed and return to you to assure that the correct person read your note.

3)  My child is interested in trying out for an athletic team, joining a club, or becoming involved with school activities. What should he/she do to join?

-All students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities. Club announcements regarding meetings, etc are made over the intercom and posted online. Have your child talk to the coach or club sponsor for more information.