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Rockwood Middle School

Cassandra Dothard » About the Teacher

About the Teacher


I graduated from Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw Michigan with a Bachelors in Education (minors in English, Mathematics, and Early Childhood Education) in May, 2003.  I obtained my Masters in Administration and School Leadership in August 2010, and my Educational Specialist degree in Administration and School Leadership in December, 2011. 



I am Red Cross Certified in Bloodborne Pathogens-exp 12/2019, Asthma Inhaler- exp 12/2019, Administering Emergency Oxygen- exp 12/2019, Epinephrine Auto Injector- exp 12/2019, Lifeguarding/First Aid/AED- exp 12/2019. 



The 2019-2020 school year is my 17th year teaching.  I have taught 2 years in 1st grade (Florida), 1 year in 2nd grade (RVES), 1 year in 4th grade (Florida), 3 years in 5th grade science and social studies (Midway Elementary), 3 years in 6th grade science (Rockwood Middle School) 6 years in pre-kindergarten (Mid East CAA, & RVES) and this is my first year teaching seventh grade math.