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Rockwood Middle School

TN DOE COVID 19 Portal Now Open

The Tennessee Department of Education has created a portal for school districts to report any positive COVID-19 cases in our schools.  Each Monday afternoon, our Coordinated School Health department will report positive cases from the prior week (Sunday of the previous week to the Monday in which reporting will take place).  If there are positive cases to be reported, they will be entered into the portal and shown on the state website.  You may check the portal at any time by going to the following link: 
Reported numbers show up towards the bottom of the page.  Please keep in mind that the numbers only reflect positive student and staff cases within our school district reported within the previous week.  This does not include students or staff that have been quarantined as close contacts or household contacts.  Our district is doing our part to keep students and staff safe; please ensure that you are doing the same.