The Interact Club is a program developed and created by Rotary International.  It is implemented in schools to provide students the opportunity to work with one another on community services projects that benefit local and nationwide causes.  Projects within the Rockwood Community are always a priority for the members.

The program emphasizes the importance and the values of good citizenship and strong leadership traits.  We hope that all of our students exempliphy these qualities within the school and our community, and this program allows our kids to establish and uphold such traits.

All students are encouraged to join Interact Club.  Please listen for announcements to determine meeting times, places, and dates.


Interact Club is sponsored by Mrs. Mead, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher.  If you have any questions or concerns about this club, please contact her.  Mrs. Mead's email information is available under the RMS Staff Link on the school's homepage.

Thank you Rotary International for providing our students with this opportunity.