The next scheduled meeting Wednesday, February 3rd after school in Coach Jackson's classroom.

Please listen for announcements regarding P3 meetings.


P3 stands for Positive Peer Pressure.  The purpose of this club is to advocate drug and alcohol awareness.  Every student is welcome to participate in P3 activities, which are held once a month.  While we hope that all students at Rockwood Middle abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol, this club promotes an extra support system to provide our students with the knowledge and the negative consequences of using drugs and alcohol.


P3 Club is sponsored by Coach Jackson, 6th-8th SPED Teacher and Girls Softball Coach.  If you have an questions regarding this club, you may contact Coach Jackson through email.  Contact information is listed on the RMS Staff link on the RMS Homepage.

Thank you for encouraging our students to promote "postive peer pressure" with Rockwood Middle School.  These actions have a postive impact on the enitre student body!